1967-1970: A Period of Radical Change

Text and Timeline by Dale Silver

The years we were in high school, all or part of which was spent at Northfield/Mt. Hermon, were eventfully transitional for us, the country and the world.  It is amazing to look back on the years from 1967-1970 and see all of the cultural and political activity that we witnessed between.

When we entered high school there were no microwaves at your local Sears and Roebuck, the Apollo program was just beginning, Cassius Clay had already become Muhammad Ali, Vietnam protests were getting a head of steam, Southwest Airlines had not yet opened for business, the Empire State building was still the tallest building in the world, and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were still with us.

Click on a year below to travel back in time to take a look at the history that was written when we were young. If you have a comment regarding events “back in the day,” just add your thoughts to the comment section at bottom of the page.

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  1. Submitted by Susan Aspinall: My memory of where I was regarding the amazing landing on the moon is this. I was a Mt. Hermon Summer School Abroad student traveling with Alice and John Baldwin and student group in England and Scotland for the summer of ‘69. Our group was studying in Cambridge at St. Antony’s College at that time. We happened to be walking in the streets of Cambridge when we saw a crowd gathered on a sidewalk looking into a large glass window of an appliance store. We eagerly walked up to see what the gathering was about. Happily the store owner had turned numerous TV screens to face out the window so passersby could witness the moon landing. With so many black and white screens and with the volumes turned up and the front door open, we all stood in amazed silence watching and listening to this historic event! It was such a wonderful feeling of being a proud American! And the joy and interest of our fellow Brits was wonderful as well.

  2. Awesome compilation Dale….thanks very much!! We should look into having this timeline printed and posted in out headquarters.

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