A Different Path

This page is dedicated to the Northfield girls and Mount Hermon boys who were members of the Class of 1970 who, for one reason or another, were not in attendance on graduation day. Some were with us a few months and others a few years. Feel free to share a memory you have of these classmates in the Comment section below.


Sharon Angell

Elizabeth Bauer

Gail Boyarsky

Sarah Bronson

Jaye Chute

Patricia Donohue

Christine Doolittle

Mary Dorman

Linda Doyle

Carol Dumbleton

Sarah Frost

Jean Gardner

Beth Gelber

Meredith Goodman

Sarah Griswold

Deborah Hill

Buffy Hill

Simone Jansson

Laura Macomber

Joan Miller

Dale Morse

Frances Page

Jenny Porter

Jane Potter

Debbie Putnam

Bee Sahm

Christine St. Clair

Sammi Schmidt

Jean Schwanda

Becky Smucker

Elaine Terry

Sue Tonner

Katherine Turner

Elizabeth Whitten

Kritty Whyte

Ann Wiley

Kathryn Williams

Pam Yu

Mount Hermon

Douglas Ambort

Mark Andrew

Philippe Bailey

Henry Banquer

George Bernegger

Donald Blake, Jr.

Gregory Bloomfield

Peter Bowditch

Daniel Brenton

Bradford Burley

Philip Byers

Scott Cady

John Cayley

Stephen Chapman

Roger Coffin

George Cone

Christopher Cotton

Alexander De Grassi

Mark De Guzman

John Eaton

John Ford

Allen Gilliland, III

Cornel Hills

Donald “Chip” Howes

John Iverson

Peter Johnson

Mackenzie Kalt

Steven Kempe

Gladden Keyes

Stephen Klein

Robert Klingerman

Barry Knott

Geoffrey Lewis

Jeffrey Lorber

Leo Loughren, Jr.

Spencer May

Alan Melero

Hugh Meredith, Jr.

Gordon McCown, Jr.

Richard Ordway

Andrew Parker

Andre Pegues

T. Powers

William Reed

Allan Rice

Malcolm Robinson

John Schwartz

William Sheletoff

David Smith

Jerrold Smith

Carl Spalletta

Andrew Stewart, III

James Taylor

John Thurston, Jr.

David Tobler

Jeffrey Van de Visse

Richard Van Tassel

William Weymouth

Kenneth Weigand

Michael Wilson

3 Comments on “A Different Path

  1. Submitted by Gene Ward: Daniel Brenton was one of my roommates freshman year in Cottage Two. Our room looked out over the football field. Danny decided he needed to bulk up so he purchased Charles Atlas’ bodybuilding course from the back pages of a comic book in the winter of 1966-1967. He’d throw open the two double hung windows at 5 a.m., and, wearing nothing but his underwear, perform “Dynamic Tension” exercises as prescribed by Mr. Atlas. Meanwhile, I am fully clothed and under a stack of blankets to fend off the frigid wind howling through our room. So, Danny, wherever you are, thanks for that…

  2. I think there were girls in the 1970 Highlights who were not at graduation. Students seemed to disappear whether for health or disciplinary reasons. There was a lot going on in the outside world and Northfield was not immune to those changes.

  3. Dixie Witzel is missing from the MH list. I went to his house at Thanksgiving freshman year. What a stupid riot we had. I had a license so I drove and we ended up at a sand quarry somewhere west of Wellesley. I don’t recall just how much trouble we were in, but I do remember pretty much driving the front tires off the rims and breaking the gas pedal where it pivoted on a pin. Not sure how we got it home, either. The next night we went to see Hendrix at the Garden. Well you might guess how that went.

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