Music and Recordings

Here’s a mashup of music, from Sacred Concert to popular music of the day. But, sometimes it was hard to get your groove on. At Northfield, “Only student officers may have plug-in radios and phonographs in their rooms.” At Mount Hermon, “Radios and record players may be played in the dormitories in accordance with the policies established by the housemasters.” To access the recordings, click on an associated image.

45th Reunion Concert, 2015
Sacred Concerts
Groovin’ to tunes


Christmas Vespers
School Songs
Hermon Knights, 1968

Recording of performance of Rolling Stones’ first hit song “Time Is On My Side” at Northfield dance in 1968
Click cover of Silent Cheer album to access recording. Love the horns.
Click logo to access information on Silent Cheer songs and members of the band.
From Collins Lein: “In 1969 a group of musicians and folk artists from both Northfield and Hermon recorded the album “Together” in New Jersey over Spring break at Ransom Recording Studio. It was featured on the 50th reunion website of the ’69 class.  We were a spin off of the folk society. It was available at the same time that Silent Cheer album was.  I was a singer and guitarist on it, and it also included four class of ’69 folk musicians…. notable Northfield singer Leslie Robinson, who has passed on.”
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