The section focuses on a wide range of gatherings our classmates have attended over the years. The section starts with details on the upcoming 50th Reunion. Information will be added as it becomes available and there will be a gallery of pictures taken at the reunion.

Group photographs of campus reunions cover reunions from 1985 to 2015. (If anyone has group photos from the 1975 and 1980 reunions, please advise.)

Mini Reunions are dinners, tours and other events where classmates reconnected; and Vespers are photos of those who attended the service in recent years.

Started after our 40th reunion, the exploits and travels of The Merry Band of Wanderers are captured in shared photo books. As of last count, 28 Hoggers have attended these weekends.

Banner & Hat Travels track the travels of our class hat and banner.

Finally, No Hat, No Problem is a catchall for photos classmates wanted to share from memorable times in their lives.

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