Banner and Hat Travels

Here are some of the places in the world where our class banner and hat have been spotted. Have one to share? Send as an attachment to

Tess Dunhoff and her hat in Eagle Plains, Yukon, Canada just south of Arctic Circle in August, 2018 where rains left her stranded
without a way to cross the high waters of the Peel River.
Gene Ward and hat at Grinnell Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana in September, 2018.
Gene Ward and hat atop Mt. Elbert, tallest peak in Colorado & 2nd highest point in lower 48, in July, 2018.
Gene Ward and hat at dawn in November, 2017 on North Kaibab Trail during Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim hike.
Gene Ward and hat on week-long hike on the Colorado Trail in July, 2017. Apologies for oversharing, but NMH hat replaced his favorite hiking hat of 20 years
that flew away in a stiff wind off some summit somewhere.
Tess Pemantel Dunhoff sporting her Class of 1970 hat with her husband Don Fairley while touring the Columbia Glacier outside of Valdez, Alaska in September, 2018.
Sylvia Marshall Bailey and her hat in Cambodia in February, 2017.
Steve Johnson, Bruce Berk and Jake Duvall just under treeline on Mt. Madison, New Hampshire in June, 2018.
Dee Dee Fisher Despo modeling class hat and gym uniform (with matching bloomers) that she found when closing her mother’s house
before moving to her new home in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The uniform still fits!
On the summit of Katadin, the highest mountain in Maine (from left) Bob Horne, Gene Ward, Andy Perry, Steve Johnson, John Martin
and Jake Duvall in August, 2012. Steve’s mom saved the 1970 jersey.
Earlier that same day at Chimney Pond on Katahdin before climb to summit.
John Gordon (third from left), Mark Vokey (fifth from left) and Neil Kiely (right) also were on the hike.
Kate Truax and Carol Ramsey with school banner in Washington, DC.
Another NMH Class of 1970 hat spotted. Laurie Kiely on the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge spanning the Missouri River
between Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska in June, 2019.
Dave Ericson’s 92-year-old father-in-law sports class hat at the Williston, Vermont 4th of July Parade in 2019.
He offered to send Karin (right) to Northfield but she declined, merely delaying the inevitable!
Peggy Wilson and Ellen Frost with her pink NMH hat on Block Island in July, 2019.
Sylvia Bailey in the Scottish Highlands in June, 2018.
Jake Duvall and his hat aboard the Sea Hunter, returning from a diving trip at Cocos Island in July, 2019. Jake also visited the region is known as the “Island of the Sharks” in 2007. Cocos Island is 340 miles off the coast of Costa Rica and is home to Hammerheads, Whitetips, Silky, Galapagos and
Tiger sharks (which can be genuinely dangerous). Jake’s photos below.
Silvertip sharks
Hammerhead sharks photo by Jake Duvall
Neil Kiely’s prototype hat for 45th reunion rests aboard a skiff on an island in Nicatous Lake, Maine in August, 2019.
Gene Ward’s hat traveled more than 100 miles on The Haute Route in the Swiss Alps from Chamonix to Zermatt in August 2019.
Enid Sodergren Oberholtzer, Tess Pemantel Dunhoff, Deborah Whiting and Carol Ramsey spent part of a weekend together in southern California exploring
Hogwarts at Universal Studios, and the rest of the weekend enjoying the beach.
Rajan Batra leaves his anchored yacht untended to model his hat in September, 2019 on the Isle of Capri off the coast Italy.
Rajan Batra and hat with Michelangelo’s David in Accademia Gallery in Florence.
Rajan Batra with his hat on deck on the Amalfi coast.
Steve Chiasson on the Pipiwai Trail in Haleakala National Park in Maui in March 2020.
Dave Ericson and Peter Brown chilling with Tito

Rajan Batra traveled with his hat in 2022, with stops in Portugal and Spain.
Rajan with a wee bit of port.
Rajan commands the town square

Claire Schmidt Jones rocking the hat in San Juan, Puerto Rico on a December 2022 cruise in the Caribbean.

Claire “Sammi” Schmidt Jones with the hat on Nuku Hiva, a remote French Polynesian island with a population of 3,000. It’s 5,541 miles from NMH campus — going to be a hard one to beat!

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