Guys and Gals

Dances, athletic privs, parlor dates, ski days, make-out sessions in Recitation Hall’s parking lot (no wonder the place burned down) and other gatherings were all part of life for the guys and gals of the Class of 1970 as we tried to, as Bob Seger put it, “lose them awkward teenage blues.”

Several couples took their relationships to the alter, including Bob Glover and Linda Kellogg, Ken Witherspoon and Bonnie Mackinnon, Neil Kiely and Laurie Reich, John Witty and Ellyn Spragins, Seth Hetherington and Jean Spitznagel, Les Clifford and Liz Lewis, Carrie Pelzel and Bruce McClintock (’60), and Doug Freeman and Joanne Smolen.

For the rest of us, those sweet innocent relationships live in our memories.

Laurie Reich and Neil Kiely on their wedding day on June 22, 1974
Laurie and Neil Kiely in October 2013.
Then: Bob Glover and Linda Kellogg
Linda and Rob Glover in the 1970s
Linda and Rob Glover on their wedding day in 1975
Linda and Rob Glover in 2019
Rob and Linda Glover at 45th reunion
Linda and Rob Glover in 2020
Then: Seth Hetherington and Jean Spitznagel (photo taken in junior year by Seth’s father)
Now: Seth Hetherington and Jean Spitznagel Hetherington at Seth’s 65th birthday party.
Then: Les Clifford and Liz Lewis on their wedding day in 1974.
Now: Les and Liz Clifford in Alumni Hall before Vespers in 2015.
Carrie Pelzel and Bruce McClintock (’60) on their wedding day in the woods of Vermont in 1978.
Bruce and Carrie Pelzel McClintock now.
Married in Mount Hermon Chapel: Joanne Smolen and Doug Freeman on Senior Rock in May 1980
Joanne and Doug Freeman in August 2019
Gary Zimmerman and Dorrie Hawkins
Keeping warm in the dead of winter
Dale Graden and Susie Logan
Dave Robinson and Andy Margolis, king and queen at Winter Carnival
Tom Kastner and Margie Vaughan
John Witty and Melissa Durwood
Bruce Berk and Jenny Porter
Jesse Eichenbaum and Dee Dee Fisher
Jim Eckert and Nancy Bradt
Bo Walker and Barbara Webb
Dee Dee Fisher and Rick Smith
Athan Billias and Cindy Brandt
Jim Boak and Cindy Stinchfield
Kerry McCollester and Steve Row
Gene Ward and Alison Elliott
David Paige and Laura Cuetara
Mary Lou Halstead and David Waller
Deborah Whiting and Owen Stull
Carrie Pelzel and Mark Vokey, submitted by Alex Lotocki. Picture was in Class of ’69 yearbook.

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