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2022 Reunion News for NMH Class of 1970

January 4, 2022

Latest Reunion News from Tess Dunhoff:

Calling all writers!  Here’s a reunion weekend activity being sponsored by the NMH class of 1972 and open to alumni of other classes. Deedee would welcome hearing from you!  

The class of 1972 is coordinating a reunion session that features authors — and we’d love to include those from the classes of 1970 who would like to participate! If you’re an author – playwright – screenwriter – other! – and you’d like to join a few others in a panel format, please contact me, Deidra (Deedee) Dain, d3dain@gmail.com.  

From Tess Dunhoff:

We’re getting ready for our return to campus to celebrate our 50th reunion, albeit a couple of years late. This reunion will be like none before. First, the last classes of 1970 and 1971 from Northfield School, and the first year of NMH, 1972 will be together. Remember those sophomores and juniors who wandered halls with us, sang with us and participated in sports and activities with us?  You’ll have a chance to reconnect! 

Although registration for our reunion won’t begin until March, 2022, there will be some housing available in Hibbard Hall and Moore Cottage, a part of the Moody Center. Rooms are already being reserved with no deposit. If you would like to stay on our old campus instead of in a dorm on the NMH campus, please contact Julia Wiggin at Jwiggin@themoodycenter.org.  Include your name and phone number.

1. She has 37 rooms in Hibbard, eight of which are already reserved. You can double up with a classmate or request to be near a classmate.

2.  Dorm rooms will have full bed linens and include two towels, plus a bottle of water. Bathrooms have pump shampoo, etc.

3.  Moore Cottage will be reserved for previous residents of the dorm.

4.  Allergies, mobility and special needs will be respected.

5.  There will be no direct room fee, however a donation will be requested in the form of cash or check only.

6. Beer and wine are allowed in the dorm, but no hard liquor.

7. Hospitality via Julia is available 24/7 with coffee/tea, grab and go snacks, yoghurt and fruit.

8.  Although Saturday afternoon activities are being planned on our old campus, most events will take place on the NMH campus.

9.  A shuttle between campus is being discussed, but not yet promised.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this wonderful option, please email Julia soon! 

See everyone reunion weekend, Friday, June 3- Sunday, June 5, 2022. Registration will begin in March, 2022.

Click the above image to view Holiday Card 2020 video prepared by  Linda Kellogg Glover and Bob Glover, and Enid Sodergren Oberholtzer’s bell ringer choristers for the NMH Class of 1970 from your alumni committee.

Life at Northfield

Story by Tess Pemantel Dunhoff

It’s been 50 years since we donned our sturdies and walked across three seasons of Northfield School in the early morning….

Click the image of the pool to access Tess’ article

Jerry Fraser wrote an article for The Boston Globe on the occasion of our 25th reunion. Although the years have passed, it still captures the essence of our days at NMH. Click on the chapel to access Jerry’s article.

Check out class stats by clicking the image.
Click image to read Jackie Robinson’s commencement address to Mount Hermon Class of 1970.
One of the Class of 1970’s enduring contributions to the school is the moniker Hogger. Neil Kiely explored the theories on its origin in his column on alumni news. Click the logo for Neil’s take and how others remember the genesis of our little pal.

Text and Timeline Contributed by Dale Silver

The years we were in high school, all or part of which was spent at Northfield/Mt. Hermon, were eventfully transitional for us, the country and the world.  It is amazing to look back on the years from 1967-1970 and see all of the cultural and political activity that we witnessed.

Click on Neil Armstrong to see the 1967-1970 timeline. If ever there was a period of rapid change, this was it.

State Police investigating murder of MH Headmaster Elliot Speer. Click image for story.
Click image to read full story.