Classmate Life Stories in Pictures

Here’s a collection of photos and stories from classmates about their lives since the days of our youth at Northfield and Mount Hermon. If you have a photo or story that you’d like to share, send it along and it’ll be added to this section.

From Tom Kastner:

Tom Kaster snapped this selfie for his brother, sisters and in-laws.
Tom loves to cook and is the target for their frequent entreaties, “Tommy, come to Portland and make us dinner this weekend.”
Questions on Tommy’s skill set? See below.
Step One: Assemble ingredients.
Step Two: Add a little Kastner magic.
Step Three: Voila! Let’s eat.

From Steve Row:

Stephen Row at graduation from Princeton Seminary in 1984.
He is holding his children, Peter and Jessica.

Stephen Row standing next to Harvard crew coach Harry Parker after winning EARC sprints in 1974.
Steve Row as a freshman at Harvard
Steve Row with children, Jessica and Peter, in 2000
Steve with partner and wife Beth and Lovey (named after Jim Backus’ wife on Gilligan’s Island) on Easter.

From Peter Huntsman:

Peter Huntsman with sons (Andy, 30, and Josh, 16), on the 119th floor of the Lotte Tower in Seoul, Korea (6/30). Josh and I were there for the change of command ceremony when Andy relinquished command of the 501st CBRNE Company (Technical Escort) after 2 years (part of 23rd Chemical Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division, 8th Army). Andy is a Captain in the US Army Chemical Corps. (CBRNE=Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives.)

The picture below is Andy with his company, before he handed over the Guidon.

From Bruce Berk:

Bruce Berk gives a fly fishing lesson on waters flowing out of Moosehead Lake in Maine. Click to watch Bruce sing to the salmon.

From Mike Wilson:

Mike Wilson at Drew University in 1971

From Richard Girard:

The Prince and Princess of Monaco (aka Richard and Janet Girard) in September, 2019.

From Bruce Ledewitz:

Bruce Ledewitz, making a statement outside Erie, Pennsylvania

From Gene Ward:

Gene Ward worked as a wrangler on a dude ranch in Rocky Mountain National Park. After purchasing stock at auction, the horses were ridden to see which ones would be good for the dudes. This one was having none of it, but at least Gene kept his hat on while he went to the dirt.

From Rajan Batra:

Rajan Batra says Aloha from Honolulu
Rajan and Robin in Burgundy in September, 2019. Below, the Batras are stylish in Liguria.

From Wes Blixt:

Wes Blixt and wife Sarah Hawrlak in 1972.
Wes Blixt and wife Sarah and their son Nick in 2019

From Mark Jacobsen:

Photos over the years of Mark, wife Edna, sons Douglas, Spencer and Wesley,

and grandchildren Carter and Kaley.

Jan May (left) and Ross Dolloff at a restaurant on the Baltimore harbor in June 2022.
Ross was unable to attend the 50th (52nd) reunion so Jan forwarded this along with his best wishes.

Gene and Mary Lou Ward on Memorial Day, 2023 where Mary Lou, a past Regent of the Daughters of the Revolution, delivered an address on the plight of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. It also was their 47th wedding anniversary.

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