Remembering Margaret Holloway

Click the image of Margaret to read article on her published in The Hartford Courant on her passing.
Click in image above for another article on Margaret.

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  1. When I saw “Margaret Holloway” in the email tease, I got excited. (I obviously didn’t read the whole thing). “Oh, shit! Margaret! Haven’t heard about her in a long time.” I was excited. I was grinning from ear to ear. I couldn’t wait to read about her. “Died of COVID-19.” DAMN IT!!! Why not one of these stupid, non-thinking, idiot drags on society motherfuckers?! It had to be someone like Margaret?? I’m still trying to calm down from the news. We all have to die. We, in particular, in our late 60s, are at that life point where we’re all going to be passing away in droves. It’s the cycle of life. I know that. It just shocks and hurts sometimes more than others.

    To her family, friends and loved ones, I hope for the best.

    • Dear Cornell, I’m doing story on Margaret Holloway for the NMH magazine. I’d value the chance to talk to you, as I’ve only found one person from NMH who remembers Margaret. Would you email me at –or call me at 203-444-9282? Cathy Shufro N’71

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