Remembering George Turner

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  1. George aka bushman. True to be teenage boys we would often see each other on campus, and I would bellow bushmannnnnnnnnnn going as low as I could go. He would return the favor, bellowing/grunting noise back at me, and it was all the communication we needed. The depth of teenage boys.

    The bike story you might have heard. Bear with me. Likely, it was May of senior year, and Easy Rider had been out for a few months. One night I suggested to Bushman that we get bikes and helmets and ride to Northfield. I have no idea where we got the football helmets, but we found two. George had a bike, and I approached someone (Pete Andrews???) asked if i could borrow his bike. It was almost new and he asked me to be careful with it. Off we went to Northfield, and I don’t even know if we had a destination. At some point we found ourselves atop a hill with the campus police after us. Full speed we biked down into the woods where I hit an overhanging branch at a great rate of speed (Imagine if I did not have a helmet.) Somehow we got seperated and like every war movie we had seen as kids, I sat in the woods overlooking the bridge that lead back to MH. Soon I saw the campus police speeding across it and off to MH. Immediately I jumped on my bike and pedaled across the bridge only to realize that headlights were coming back towards me. True to form for a teenage boy (read without thinking) I tossed the bike off the bridge and jumped. (Don’t let your imagination get the best of you, I was almost over.) I made my way back to campus, so proud not to have been caught, pretty bruised (not to mention the bike) and was in the basement of Crossley washing up when Mr. Bailey walked in. (Really, at 1 or 2 am??.) “Good evening Brewster” he said. “Hi Mr. Bailey.” “So, Brewster whats keeps you up so late?” Come on, this was Mr. Bailey so I told him the story of my evening. His reply was “Yes, we already knew is was you and George. We did a campus bedcheck and you two were not to be found.” I forget Bushman’s punishment, but the next day I went from floor officer to working on campus crew for the remainder of the year.

    There were also the tale of the totem that George and I created, but that’s for another time

    PS If you remember Mr. Bailey, all of us started as “young man” and as he grew to like you then it was Mr. Smith/Jones etc and finally a nickname. Conversely, when you dissapointed him, it went backwards. After that night it was back to Mr. Berk

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