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  1. Contributed by Pauline Asper: My favourite teacher was Miss Louise Elizabeth Buckmaster who taught AP English. She was scary but divine. I still remember her marching into the classroom (I think in our last semester) and saying, ‘put your books away. We are not going to be analysing a text; we are going to be putting on a play.

    That play was ‘The Lady’s Not for Burning’ by Christopher Fry and it set the course for my future life. I was eventually accepted for the LAMDA Stage Management course, spent several years in stage management in British theatres and then became an agent for directors and writers. I retire at the end of this month.

    She was an absolutely inspiring teacher.

  2. “ Bucky “ Buckmaster was one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Her voice
    and command of the English language and literature were mesmerizing. I never understood why I was chosen to be in her classroom especially when after writing what I thought was a perfect essay
    would come back with more
    red inked corrections than my original blue-black words. Every time I write , I can hear her voice about proper word usage, spelling and grammar making sure that each word,comma, etc. are correct.

    Most of all, she taught me respect for the power of drama and character development, which served me well not only in college but during my profession as a family doctor.

    Thank you Miss Buckmaster.

    Your humble servant,


    Aka Linda Keniston

    PS. My apologies for any mistakes in this blurb.
    *( Our Lady’s Not for Burning)

  3. Because I wasn’t at Northfield senior year, I was never in her class, but I remember many comments about how hard “Bucky’s “ class was.

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