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  1. Of all the very dedicated teachers I had, for me Rev Stent wat the one I am most indebted to. I think it was 1973 I was in his class and was sure it was going to be a snoozer, was I wrong. Though I spent the majority of my life as a practicing Hindu and Buddhist, I doubt I would have had any interest in things like “morality” and religion if it weren’t for Rev. Stent. He demonstrated the real and tangeable value and importance of REAL faith which was that which motivated my search.

    Every morning for years I did gratitude meditation where I think about and feel gratitude for a short list of folks who put me on a good path to a practice of working at being a decent, honest, moral, compassionate and non hypocritical human being. I consider and say thanks for Rev Stent first after my parents
    A truly remarkable human being I feel gratitude in having had the good kamma of being placed in his class. At the end of the day, there are many paths up the mountain, if you argue which is the right one, you will never get to the top. Rev Stent never did, but he urged people to climb. Sadu Sadu Sadu Thank you Rev Stent.

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