Elizabeth (Roth) Dunbar

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  1. Then “Mrs. Roth” was my gymnastics teacher. I think we first bonded when she persistently tried to convince me that I could do some impossible exercise on the balance beam. Beth and I have had many a laugh remembering that and how excited many of us Northfield girls were when she went into labor with Debbie. I think we called the hospital in Greenfield every 5 minutes. After all, here was a Northfield house mother having a baby! I have been blessed with many wonderful memories of times shared with Beth, Debbie and Jamie over the past 50+ years. Our friendship has extended beyond us into the next generation. It is one of my most precious gifts from Northfield. I pause to remember Denny who has now passed on. Dennis Roth was a Bible teacher at Northfield with whom I worked closely in the Upward Bound program.

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