Arthur Kiendl, Headmaster

Drawn from Gateway, 1971

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  1. I loved my father, though I didn’t appreciate him as much during his life as after he passed away. I’ve had a few mentors that have been critical to whatever success I’ve had. But I have no greater respect for any man than the respect I have for Art Kiendl. He was the truest model I know for what real leadership entails – to facilitate and allow others to do what they need to do to get everyone to the goal. He was not addicted to the limelight but he was behind more successes and victories than most saw. We had various 1-on-1 talks about understanding and dealing with the impact turbulent times was having on campus due to nationwide racial and student unrest. On more personal notes, he warned me of “smiling faces” that would love to stab me in the back – and I’m talking about school administrators. And he bailed me out with my mother, who’s dream it was for me to go to and graduate from Mt. Hermon. When I voluntarily withdrew for very personal reasons, he called my mother and took the hit for it, telling her that it was his decision to kick me out of school for being disruptive. My mother blamed him forever and never suspected why I really left Hermon. Talk about taking one for the team.

    Compassion. Quiet dignity. Strength. Arthur H. Kiendl, Jr.

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