Lincoln Baxter Remembers

Two quickies… The first triggered by reading Edmund Dehn’s comment:

On arrival at NMH I discovered that a student was allowed to have a beard on campus, but the beard had to exist on arrival at school. It could not be grown during the school year. A loophole simply had to be found!

I had the same experience returning senior year, and was annoyed that I had not been informed, because I surely would have shown up bearded. My approach was little different: I just started to let it grow. Then, on Mountain Day, I ran into Art Kiendl, who said: “Mr. Baxter, I want to see the hair on your chin gone by tomorrow morning.” So that night I took a razor and shaved a razor’s width of hair off my chin, and down my throat. I met his requirement literally, ending up long sideburns. Then I just let it fill in. By the beginning of winter term, I had my beard — such as it was.

Oh, and here is a not so good memory:

When I arrived on campus for senior year and we were registering in the administration building, Art Kiendl came out and hauled me into his office. Says he: “Mr Baxter, I know you were smoking marijuana last year…” and proceeded to give me a lecture on how it would not be tolerated. The funny thing was, I had not smoked marijuana even once my junior year (though I had smoked in high school prior to coming to Mt Hermon. So I could not figure out where Kiendl’s comment was coming from. I protested truthfully that I had not been smoking marijuana on campus the previous year.  That was the last I heard of it, though I will confess to enjoying a joint or two in the Culter parking lot. (I can’t remember whose car we were sitting in or who I was with. Maybe Steve?)

Last summer I shared this story with Alex Lotocki, and he said that Kiendl had done the same thing to him! I think it was in the 1980 centennial anniversary of the the schools history that was published, that it was pointed out that in the summer of 1969 the schools faculty and administration decided they had a “drug problem.” Clearly this was one of the responses.

Alex and I wonder who else this happened to.

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