Carrie Pelzel on Giving

My home was near Perry Pond on the Northfield campus. When I started as a Northfield day student, I didn’t travel far. But over four years, I would travel 10,000 miles from home socially, intellectually, and emotionally. I felt out of my league. The faculty was (thankfully) unmoved. They encouraged, challenged, critiqued, and never seemed to think I couldn’t rise to their standard. Northfield changed the course of my life and my engagement with life. It led to my career choice and desire to broaden access to education.

Since graduation I have given back to NMH what I could afford because my Northfield experience was made possible by alumni who had done the same. For our 50th I will give to the NMH Fund and make a bequest invention that someday will endow a scholarship fund for female students. I hope their world will be transformed as mine was.

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