Bruce Berk on Giving

After working for nearly 40 years in independent schools, and inspired by a number of Mount Hermon teachers, I have learned a number of truths. Here are two. First, we were deeply privileged to receive the teaching/coaching/advising by the faculty at Northfield and Mount Hermon. Each of our instructors worked with an intention to make us stronger ethical citizens and effective professionals. Whether we realized it or not, whether we appreciated it or not, our teachers devoted themselves far beyond the bounds of a normal job (consider running a dorm and raising your family while navigating our teenage angst). Second, I know from my work that independent schools – other than a few of the truly fortunate – urgently need our financial help. Whether it is a donation for financial aid, infrastructure, or to support underpaid faculty and staff, your dollars (and mine) are needed. Each of us needs to find an amount that is meaningful, a bit of a financial stretch, and then contribute to Northfield Mount Hermon.

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