50th Reunion Photo Gallery

50th reunion attendees
Aj Eckert and Sammy Brett
John Gordo, Greg Szmowski, Bruce Berk and Jon Blackman
Andy Margolis and AJ Eckert
Sammy Brett with Karin and David Ericson
Jazz Band Video

Video of the Northfield Bishops Bread Bookworm Book Club meeting. Fourteen attended the first in person meeting of the club at Rob and Linda (Kellogg) Glover’s cabins on Northfield ridge. Photos from the gathering are below. Not pictured: Kim Wade Ryan, Anne Shyavitz Foran, Linda Keniston, Judy Gibbs Shaw and Linda Kellogg Glover.
Katie Whitehead, Judy Gibbs and Carol Ramsey
Enid Sodergren Oberholtzer, Norene Pease and Tess Pemantel Dunhoff
Deborah Whiting
Norene Pease and Tess Pemantel Dunhoff
Stephanie Danes and her husband
Class banners in the chapel
Gathering at the Draper Riverhouse
John Hirsch
Remembering our classmates
Catching up on the porch during the gathering at Rob and Linda Glover’s cabin are Kim Wade Ryan, Stefani Danes talking to Linda Keniston.
Stefi’s spouse Doug Cooper and Rick Smith.
Model Dorm Room: Rob Glover’s side
Model Dorm Room” Linda Glover’s side
Claire’s swag giveaway
Putting spouses to work arranging furniture, hanging lights and string curtains
Food and drink? Yes please complete with our birthday cake “’70 turning 70” brought by the lounge designer Marty Seely
On the tables were all sorts of photos, books, letters being set up and distracting by Kate Truax and Linda Keniston.
On the wall is a May Day dress, gym uniform, denim skirt/top “school uniform”, white dress and class hat acquired by Laurie Kiely. 

Still being distracted, Kate and Keniston?  That’s a dummy smock and cap in the window!
Steve Chaisson, Collins Lein and A.J. Eckert perform
Get Together and A Little Help From My Friends
Sunshine Of My Life
Teach Your Children and Shower The People
Steve Chiasson and Collins Lein
Seniors on Senior Rock: Rajan Batra, and Laurie and Neil Kiely

Linda and Rob Glover get the honors for most pictures shared. Here’s a subset of their submissions.

Rob Glover decorating dorm room
Sylvia Marshall Bailey, Carol Ramsey, Rob Glover, Linda Kellogg Glover, Tess Pemantel Dunhoff, Marty Seely, Kate Truax, Enid Sodergren Oberholtzer, Norene Pease, Linda Keniston, Sandy Hammond (Linda’s spouse of 28 years) at pre-union dinner at Gill Tavern.
Linda Glover outside Crossley
Old school tunes with Linda and Rob Glover
Katie Whitehead, Dolly and Calhoun Williams, and Steve Chaisson
Book club members at the Glovers
John Witty and Dave Ericson
Owen Stull and Alex Lotocki
Jon Rounds and Rob Glover
Rob Glover and John Witty
Rob Glover, Alex Lotocki, John Hirsch and Jon Rounds
Must be Corki and Ken…
Rob Glover holds outdoor yoga session Saturday morning in Beveridge Bowl
Neil Kiely leads gathering to remember classmates who have passed
Karin Ericson and Linda Glover
Walk softly and carry a big megaphone
Northfield women at Round Top service
Tess Pemantel Dunhoff reads at Round Top service
Rob Glover showing school spirit
Tess Pemantel Dunhoff at dinner
Linda and Rob Glover
Karin Ericson, and Rob and Linda Glover
Bishops bread
Anne Shyavitz Foran, Deborah Whiting, Kim Wade Ryan
Linda Keniston, Stefi Danes
Kate Truax, Linda Keniston, Marty Seely (seated)

Here are reunion weekend submissions from Steve Johnson.

Owen Stull, Steve Johnson and Ted Swett
Julia and Cynthia
Owen Stull and John Gordon
Bruce Berk chats with Jenny Porter
Dolly Calhoun Williams
Another angle of the beautiful people of NMH 1970
Own Stull and Mary McGrath Carty
Members of the Class of 1971
Carrie with Brian Hargrove and his wife, Linda
Jerusalem on Saturday morning
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