45th Reunion Photo Gallery

The class banner
45th chalkboard
45th chalkboard
45th chalkboard
A dorm room at the 45th
Athan Billias, Hal McCann and Rickey Brown — wrestlers and coach
Bishop’s Bread in the dining hall
Ellen Frost, Susan Hurlburt and Ann Wiley
Alex Lotocki’s appropriate wine find from the Golan Heights
Jenny Porter and Muffie Michaelson in Sage Chapel
Joanne Smolen Freeman, Spencer (Pam) Burdge, Steve Johnson and Ann Wiley
Lincoln Baxter and John Hirsch in matching golf shirts
Listening to concert in Concert Hall
Mark Andrew, Lincoln Baxter and Jerry Fraser in the Hayden Dorm Lounge
Mark Andrew and Muffie Michaelson
Mark Carta, Rickey Brown and Dave Ericson
Marquand Girls: Louise Sink Rothery, Claire Schmidt Jones, Sandye Wilson Brown, Margaret Wilson and Kate Truax
Marquand Hall in disrepair
Muffie Michaelson and Tess Dunhoff (Ester Pemantel)
Rajan Batra and Spencer Burge in Alumni Hall
Rickey Brown and Katie Whitehead
Rickey Brown, Carol Ramsey and Sandye Wilson Brown
Hat models Sammi Claire Schmidt and Rickey Brown
Sandye Wilson Brown near a bucolic field on the way to Northfield
Spencer Burdge and Sammi Claire Schmidt Jones
Stephanie Punky Coons and Margo Fenn at class rally
Class of 1970 wrestling champs — Silver, Brown and Billias
Neil and Laurie Kiely
John and Eve Rounds
Neil Kiely lectures on his time touring with Jimi
The joke?
Alex Lotocki and Carrie Pelzel
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