Northfield Life

Here’s a collection of photos that capture the essence of life at Northfield.

Heading to class after morning chapel
Andy Margolis in 1969
First day of school shopping at the campus bookstore
Sue Brownell with apple
Field hockey game in 1969
Tobogganing at the Northfield Inn
Holly Urion, now known as Helen Lara
Learning Misirlou, an Israeli folk dance, at gym class
Class sing
This could be almost anyone in any dorm
Mountain Day for the whole school
Meesh Rheault
May Court
Senior lifesaving class at Skinner Pool
Weston Hall girls are all smiles
Leaving Stone Hall after class
From left, Jane Potter and Mary Lou Halstead
Enid Sodergren
Muffie chills
Kay Robertson
Ronnie Martin-Trigona
Barbara Jean Kissel, RIP
Holly Babbitt and Carrie Pelzel
Ski period on campus
Rita Dudley (left) and Carol Ramsey (right) at 1969 Chat. Anyone know who’s in the middle?
Foreground is Carol Ramsey in a huuuge hat.  Sitting behind her is Bonnie MacKinnon watching Linda Kenniston, apparently being playfully assaulted by Stefani Danes. Photo probably taken on Mountain Day.
Jackie Leung
Jenny Porter in triptych on a spring day
Kerry McCollester reading the morning paper, trying to ignore two pestering Hoggers.
Taken in the spring of 1970 in front of Center Gould. From left to right back row: Ellen Frost, Holly Union, Debbie Persons, Pam Burge, Val Gresham, Laurie Reich. Kneeling in front: Lucinda (Brandy) Brandt.
Bobbie Herron reports this prayer was in her 1970 Sacred Concert record sleeve. It was read by the minister at the end of the service.
Junior Jill Zaremba bowing down to Senior Sarah Ward while Kim Chase Adler and Georgia Saggiotes look on.
Martha Takaro is front left, Lauie Reich Kiely is behind her. Mary Lou Halstead is front right, with Mary Beth Danielski over her shoulder and Susan Pevner is behind Mary Beth.
Sharon Lillibridge and Carrie Brougham cleaning up after a water fight, with Morgan Groves and Sylvia Bailey supervising.
Sara Ward, left, and Ronnie Martin-Trigona
Georgia Saggiotes and Leslie Simmons
Mary Lou Halstead, with arms folded, and a mix of juniors and seniors
A mix of different classes, but Tracey Comstock ’70 is wearing the anchor on her sweater
Marilyn Groves with Mary Lou Halstead
Martha Seeley and Alice Witmer
Connie Hobbs and Betsy Parker
Betsy Parker
Carrie Pelzel, Gay Peterson and Peggy Abrams
Margaret Wilson and Kate Truax, roommates for three years
Anne Shyavitz Foran submitted these pictures of plates her mother bought her as a souvenir of her four years at Northfield. Anne still has all eight plates! The image is of Sage Chapel.
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