Mount Hermon Life

Drawn from old photo albums of classmates, here’s a look back at our days of innocence at Mount Hermon.

Mount Hermon Class of 1970 as freshmen in Class of 1967’s yearbook, one of two
Mount Hermon Class of 1970 as freshmen in Class of 1967’s yearbook, two of two
Mount Hermon Class of 1970 – senior class photo. There are a couple of All Stars in there!
Cool dudes, indeed.
From left, Ron Berglas, Kritty Whyte, Eric Whyte (’69), Kerry McCollester and Jim Baldwin (’68).
Bruce Berk and Ron Berglas playing soccer.
John Fee lets loose with the javelin.
Jake Duvall and crew atop Monadnock.
Skip Howes is just waitin’ on a friend.
Editorial Board of The Bridge (front row left to right) Tom Durwood, Steve Johnson, Sam Brett, and (back row left to right) Peter Brown and Rock Holzberg.
Insurrection: Gathering at Senior Rock before the Rope Pull
More from Insurrection Day
Find the Hogger: Cornell Hills, Tom Baldwin, John Gordon, Mark Wohlgemuth, John Hargreaves, Bo Walker, Bruce Berk, Ted Martellini and Jamie Melton are among those dragged in Shadow Lake by the Class of 1969. Today, Juniors and Seniors get t-shirts, and Juniors drop the rope before the dunking. Really?
Kiendl, Jones, Burdick and Steve Johnson at Cambodia bombing protest spring of 1970.
Football players at the Winter Carnival strut their stuff
Rock Holzberg is studying the law
Alex Lotocki with his illegal refrigerator
Mission accomplished in Overtoun
Worshiping a new god
That’s some mighty thirsty Hoggers!
Make way, I have to get to the shower
Mail delivery from Publisher’s Clearing House
Don Melson working on crew boat
Ted Swett winning the Cutler Award
Saturday football in the fall of 1969
Steve Row reading a letter
Don Melson, Gene Ward and Bill Gunther after a day skiing Sugarloaf
Chapel in winter from Schauffler Library
Freshmen’s view in the chapel
New bridge construction in 1969
West Hall, now Alumni Hall
Rajan Batra with Carroll and Elaine Bailey on graduation day.
Mark Carta, Susie Logan and Rajan Batra in the basement of South Crossley on graduation day.
Mark Carta outside East Hall
Rajan Batra, Mark Carta and Basil Hostage
Steve Lahr and Rajan Batra playing Euchre in Crossley S309. (Note the Playboy centerfolds hanging on the door. Wishful thinking, boys.)
Rajan Batra, Mr. Bailey, Steve Lahr and his V sign obscuring Mike Daugherty’s face. The picture on the wall is of Ann Mulvey.
Bruce Berk securing his duffel
Bruce Berk and PJ Brown chilling on the lawn
Mike Wilson looking stylish
Bo Walker and gear in tow
Owen Stull in the dorm
Gary Zimmerman and hidden friend
Rob Ellwood and his pal
Bookend from campus bookstore purchased by Collins Lein in 1968
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